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Modular Building System Companies in the UK


Types and Uses

Modular buildings are hugely versatile and can be used to provide temporary or permanent facilities at schools, leisure amenities, construction sites, industrial and commercial premises. They can be placed in remote locations where conventional construction would be very difficult.

Being factory manufactured has many advantages, among them speed of construction and minimal disruption at the site. There is quality control and adherence to building regulations at each stage of the assembly process and production is not affected by adverse weather. Once delivered, the modules can be arranged side by side or end to end as well as stacked, giving a wide choice of layout. It is also easy to extend a modular building at a later date.

Modular buildings generally work out less expensive than their site-built counterparts and a well-built modular building should hold its value. Often modular buildings can be delivered fully fitted out.

Where to buy modular building systems

  • Ideal Building Systems Ltd - Lancaster Road, Carnaby Industrial Estate, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO15 3QY, 01262 606750