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This is a somewhat 'miscellaneous' area of the website where a multitude of companies providing fittings are listed. These range from shower fittings and kitchen fittings to handrail fittings or pipe fittings. Bar fittings, shop fittings and restaurant fittings are all covered in this section....more


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  • Fernco design and manufacture a comprehensive range of fully approved low and non pressure flexible couplings suitable for sewerage, drainage, plumbing and...

  • Howdle are specialist bespoke furniture makers. Our furniture is made “in house” by our highly skilled craftsmen and all the materials we use are from...


Fittings Explained

The term 'fitting' is broad and in the context of this product category it is used to describe a range of small and large fitments which either perform a function, are used for decorative effect or provide a combination of the two.

Functional fittings include small essential items from key fixing components used in the construction of larger structures such as screws, nails, bolts, nuts and all their variants. These component fixings also enable the mounting and attachment of larger fixtures and fittings within buildings.

Common place functional fittings cover door furniture and ironmongery products. Items such as door knobs, door handles and door plates are produced in different styles and materials to create a range of effects from traditional to contemporary.

Key general home fittings include shelves, coat racks and curtain rails which can also be researched under this category. Home storage solutions, such as shelving fixtures and cupboards, are also a large area with bespoke storage solutions available from a number of carpenters and joiners.

Fittings required to finish areas such as kitchens, include worktops and kitchen unit accessories like hinges and draw runners. Kitchen unit draw knobs and kitchen unit handles are also available. Bathroom specific fittings represented within the category include bathroom tap fittings, bathroom lights and vanity units. Bespoke shelving units are also popular to create storage within both bathroom and kitchen environments. More personal fittings include bathroom mirrors and toilet roll holders. More specialist items for the bathroom environment are key disability aids such as grab rails and disability hoists.

External home fittings represent a diverse area within the fittings category with the ever popular items of mail boxes and bike storage solutions listed.

Industrial and commercial fittings are a diverse area of the fittings category. Industrial fittings are usually specific to task. They also encompass industrial workshop equipment along with many industry specific storage solutions such as pallet racking and industrial shelving.

Commercial fittings are generally tailored to purpose and are function specific with a number of specialist companies offering turn key solutions typically within retail, school and hospital environments. Within the retail environment it is essential to clearly display products to entice browsers to purchase products. For this purpose customised shop fittings in the form of various racking and shelving units can be specified.

Within schools a number of specialist fittings are necessary in locations such as laboratories, gyms and kitchens. Fittings and equipment to enable their furnishing can also be found under this category. It is likely that fittings will have to be customised prior to fitment in particular locations. Other classic school fittings include lockers to secure the possessions of pupils alongside filing cabinets. Laboratory equipment is also an important consideration for furnishing hospitals.