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Flood Defence System Companies in the UK

  • Aquobex is a specialist flood protection company offering solutions for a wide range of flood related problems from identifying the issue through to...

  • Flexseal design and manufacture a comprehensive range of fully approved low and non pressure flexible couplings suitable for sewerage, drainage, plumbing...

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Ready for Battle with Floodwater

With millions of people estimated to be living or working in flood areas, the need for flood defence systems has never been greater. Increasing numbers of incidents of sudden heavy rain falling on already sodden ground mean that even properties miles away from waterways can be put at risk.

Floods can appear with devastating speed and the time to think about a defence system is not when water is lapping at the doorstep. Property owners and local authorities responsible for flood risk areas need to have a protection system ready that is either in place all year round or can be deployed quickly and easily.

Products designed to prevent the financial and emotional distress of flooding range from boards to cover doors of domestic properties, to huge barriers protecting industrial sites or whole communities. Permanent defences such as flood walls are effective but might be unsightly, so care needs to be taken over the aesthetics. Temporary defences are a popular choice and can be just as effective at preventing damage if installed correctly.

Innovative barrier systems are manufactured by various companies in sizes to suit industrial, commercial and residential sites. Make sure the defence system has been fully tested for effectiveness.

Where to buy flood defence systems

  • Aquobex Ltd - Unit 4, Genesis Building, Library Avenue, Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire, OX11 0SG, 01923 518582
  • Flexseal - Endeavour Works, Newlands Way, Valley Park, Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S73 0UW, 01226 340 222