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Sandbag Companies in the UK

  • Weir & Carmichael offer a range of flexible packaging solutions and have been supplying industry throughout the UK for over 50 years with sacks and bags.

  • Paul Mitchell Sacks
    We supply rolls of hessian, rolls of polythene, vegetable nets, paper sacks and compactor sacks. We can supply a full range of sacks and bags. from sand bags to industry standard 1 ton bulk bags.
  • Allan Austin Ltd
    Manufacturers and suppliers of woven polypropylene and hessian bags, packing materials, sandbags and coal sacks.
  • FloodSax
    Inflatable Sandbags from FloodSax are a new kind of flood defence system that acts in minutes – and replaces unwieldy sandbags. They are environmentally friendly, being biodegradable, and they last far longer than traditional sandbags.
  • Shelterstore
    Shelterstore are a “one stop shop” for street security and street furniture products. We offer a wide range of both standardised products and bespoke solutions together with an optional installation service. Examples of our extensive and varied range of products are bollards, notice boards, tree protection, shelters & walkways, canopies, seating, planters, parasols, grit bins and bike parking
  • J Toms Ltd
    J Toms Ltd has over 50 years' experience in the manufacture and supply of tree protection and support products. The company supplies landscape architects, local authorities, estates, nurseries, the National Trust and Forestry Commission.
  • Donite Plastics Ltd (Snorkelvent)
    Snorkel Vent is a flood prevention measure produced by Donite Plastics Ltd who specialise in custom moulded plastics. The Snorkel Vent was designed to combat flooding through air vents/air-bricks, a first point of entry for floodwater. It is sealed to the wall over the existing vent effectively raising its height. Airflow is not restricted during a flood allowing your home to breathe underwater.
  • Circular Energy Ltd
    Solar energy and Flood defence equipment from Circular Energy - your one stop shop to protect your home and save money! We sell flood gates, flood defences and sand bags.
  • LC Packaging incorprationg SG Baker
    Supplier of sandbags for anywhere in the UK and offers a 24hr 7 day emergency call out service to Local Authorities and police.
  • Sandbags Online
    Sandbags Online is your one stop shop for flood defence. Stocking both filled and unfilled sandbags we are able to supply both small quantities ideal for homeowners along with vast quantities suitable for businesses and organisations.
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Where to buy sandbags

  • Weir & Carmichael - 100-130 St John's Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L20 8BH, 0151 934 1250