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Secondary Glazing Companies in the UK

  • Express Bi-folding Doors Ltd are specialist manufacturers of aluminium bi folding doors, in line sliding doors, windows and roofing systems, serving...


Secondary Glazing for insulation at lower cost

The benefits of double glazing are well known, with savings in the cost of heating bills and reduction in noise levels being among the most obvious. But replacing all a property’s windows with double glazed ones is a major upheaval and expense – and is not always possible, especially in buildings with historical importance or in conservation areas for example. This is where secondary glazing comes into its own.

Secondary glazing involves adding another slim-line window, while leaving the existing ones in place. Being treated as a reversible change, secondary glazing can be used in Listed Buildings and is recommended by English Heritage. Expertly made secondary glazing can result in considerable savings in heating bills and a big difference in noise levels for people living near busy roads or flight paths, while proving less expensive than replacing windows.

With no need to remove the existing windows, there is no change to the outward appearance of the property and the secondary glazing can be fitted in just a few hours. Several types are available to suit all sizes and styles of window and to facilitate cleaning.

Where to buy secondary glazing

  • Express Bi-folding Doors Ltd - Unit 23, Millshaw Park Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 0BL, 0800 121 4809