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Cast Iron Radiator Companies in the UK

Types and Benefits

Cast iron radiators have always been popular for period properties, but now more and more people are specifying them for contemporary homes as they appreciate the timeless design features with excellent heat output.Cast-iron-rad2.jpg

There are two reasons for the superlative heat output of cast iron radiators. Firstly, they carry a lot more mass, making them more efficient than steel, and also the heat is very long lasting; being retained long after the radiator has been switched off.

Another advantage of cast iron radiators is the variety of sizes. Being made up of different sections, there are ones to fit the smallest corner.Cast-iron-rad1.jpgMongers-logo.jpg

The best source of cast iron radiators is reclamation companies, but quality reproductions are also now available. They are generally compatible with all modern pressurised systems.

Featured Company - Mongers Architectural Salvage

A reclamation company with large quantities of cast iron radiators among its stock is Mongers Architectural Salvage. The company also offers a restoration service for clients’ own radiators, using skilled craftsmen.

Large quantities of radiators reclaimed from period properties, schools and hospitals are available in a wide choice of styles and sizes. All stock is fully restored and pressure tested before being offered for sale and heat output figures are supplied.

Styles available include column, duchess, princess, decorative and neo classic. Finishes offered are polished or powdercoated in a variety of colours, or primed ready to paint. The Mylands ‘Colours of London’ range has a painted finish in a choice of colours. Accessories such as valves are also stocked.

The experienced team at Mongers Architectural Salvage are happy to advise on the right choice of cast iron radiator as well as the many other items the company sources and restores. A delivery service is available to any location. Visit the website for more information and contact details.


Where to buy cast iron radiators

  • The Old Radiator Company - Hallmark Farm, Ashford Road ( A28), St Michaels, Kent, TN30 6SP, 01233 850 082
  • Paladin Radiators - Langrick Road, New York, Lincolnshire, LN4 4XH, 01205 280354
  • Keeling Heating & Radiator Products - Cranbourne Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1RJ, 02392 796633

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