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This section concentrates on sourcing Raw Materials. If you cannot see the material you need then please enter a product in the 'search box' below. For purchasing raw materials such as cement or aggregates locally, we suggest you use our 'Merchants and Wholesalers' regional facility accessed by clicking on the 'Green Tab' at the top of this page....more


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Most construction projects will require many different 'raw materials' to be purchased to complete the build. Raw materials or construction materials can typically be sourced from builders merchants or wholesalers. Where construction projects are of small to medium size builders merchants provide a readily available source of building materials in smaller quantities for collection or delivery. Materials offered are diverse and range from stock items such as bagged aggregates, timber, timber beams, fasteners, cements and plaster board with most merchants also stocking a selection of tools. Materials can therefore be purchased on an 'as needed' basis to cut down on waste and over purchasing. For items such as cement, that do not store well, builders merchants can provide the ideal solution. Particularly useful for DIY projects builders merchants and wholesalers can offer a competitive one stop shop. Most builders merchants also offer a cut to size service where timber can be cut down to a more manageable sizes or finished to enable instant installation on site.

Where bulk purchases of sand and gravel are necessary local sand and gravel companies, often working direct from the premises of the extraction sites, are usually able to supply materials with substantial cost reductions when ordered by the lorry load. Some companies specialise solely in the bulk supply of graded sand and gravels, whilst others have the ability to supply a wide selection of aggregates. Graded aggregates can be obtained for purposes such as subbase construction and drainage applications. Most aggregate companies may also supply a selection of ornate aggregates available in a variety of colours for landscaping use. Aggregates, sometimes referred to as quarried stone products, can be used to stone driveways and garden paths. Large ornate boulders can also be purchased to create eye catching features within gardens.

Cement is an essential construction material and a key ingredient in concrete and mortars. Many varied cement products are available on the market to suit specific uses and usage environments. Large construction projects are also likely to require bulk quantities of concrete for a wide range of site uses. A number of companies specialise in concrete production and delivery and generally supply on a county wide basis. The most common concrete product provided is ready mixed or premixed concrete with a number of other products, such as floor screeds and mortars also widely available. Some concrete companies also produce cast concrete products, the most commonly used being concrete blocks and concrete floor beams. Pre cast concrete products are often referred to as pre fabricated or cast off site concrete products, and can save time and plant costs in an on site environment. Many modern buildings are constructed from precast concrete and transported to site for assembly. Specialist items such as stairwells and concrete staircases can be purchased individually for usage within developments of flats. Precast concrete is generally stronger than concrete mixed on site as ingredient quantities are carefully controlled and quality control strength tests are undertaken on a regular basis.

Many construction projects, particularly agricultural and industrial, require steel in the form of steel girders and cladding panels. Metal stockholders offer a readily available choice of metals finished in various forms to suit many different applications that can be purchased instantly.