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High value equipment and materials at construction sites make them attractive targets for thieves. The loss of essential equipment can also lead to expensive delays in a project. Vandalism is another major factor to consider.ConstructionSiteNotice.jpg

The changing nature of sites and the need for frequent access make securing them challenging. Security needs to involve various layers of physical and operational measures. A ramshackle appearance is an invitation to opportunists but sturdy perimeter fencing, cameras, lighting and notices about guard patrols will show that security is taken seriously. As much equipment as possible should be locked away when not in use and larger plant can be mechanically disabled. Security cameras or lights need to be able to cope with the harsh conditions of construction sites.

Guards have the advantage of being able to patrol inside the site as well as the perimeter. While on patrol, they can check the status of measures such as alarms and CCTV and the integrity of fencing or secure containers. DogsInActionlogo.jpgDogs are a highly visible deterrent and have been shown to increase the effectiveness of guards. All guards should be licensed and carry out duties in line with British Standards criteria.

Featured Company – Dogs in Action Services Ltd

Highly trained security dogs and their handlers are a formidable weapon in the armoury of construction site security. Dogs in Action Security Services is a well established Kent company offering guarding services in London and the South East.ConstructionSiteDog.jpg

Police forces agree that guards with dogs are the ultimate deterrent against criminal activity. They can cover large areas and a dog’s acute sense of smell and hearing add to the team’s effectiveness.

Dogs in Action Services’ uniformed handlers are all fully qualified and insured with many years’ experience in security. The dogs, mainly German Shepherds, are carefully selected for their temperament and trained to exceptional standards. The animals are under the control of their handler at all times and will follow a command to apprehend and restrain an offender should an incident occur.

To find out more about the security services provided by the professional guard teams at Dogs in Action Services, visit the website


Where to buy construction site security

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