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Project management and design software are available in a wide range of price, effectiveness and functionality. Estimating software is extremely useful for both time saving and ensuring consistency of price levels. Computer Aided Design software (C.A.D.) has become a must have in any Architectural Practice these days. Note that The Construction Centre has 'Fast track CAD' drawings readily available for many key construction products.(see top right of menu bar)...more


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  • Providers of high-quality software services within the Civil and Structural Engineering professions.

  • Providers of software for the lifecycle of the world’s infrastructure, spanning architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and operations.


Software Explained

Over recent decades the use of software to perform key functions within the construction industry as grown extensively. Software has become an essential resource to enable the timely and accurate delivery of any construction project. Construction industry software applications are widespread and fall in to a number of key categories such as project management, accounting and design.

In order to deliver construction projects in line with budgetary constraints and targets project management software is a necessity. Project management software is available in varying forms of complexity with many elements feeding in to basic software packages. Elements covered by project management software generally include financial transactions, estimation and operational management applications. Estimation software is also an important standalone application vital to maintaining the competitive edge of a company to enable contracts to be won by allowing subcontract and material costs to be analysed in detail. Estimating software may also be coupled with CAD software to produce detailed estimates considering procurement costs.

The usage of accounting software can provide a valuable means of keeping track of up to the minute company finances. Both outgoing and incoming finances can be monitored with the cataloguing and settlement of invoices being a key function. Some software programmes are specifically designed to manage invoices and can prove to be essential in most business environments. Accounting software also encompasses ever popular and vital payroll applications.

One of the largest construction software areas is for construction industry specific computer aided design packages (CAD). Architectural CAD software packages play an important role in the fast and efficient drafting of building elevations and site layout plans. Internal layout plans can also be undertaken with dimension annotations in a variety of formats. Both time and staffing cost savings can be achieved when repeat drafts or drawing alterations are required. Over the years many complementary applications have been developed to for basic CAD software packages to improve user experience for a diversity of applications. Examples of specialist applications available include digital terrain modelling (DTM), service routing drawings and rendering drawings. Other applications cover mechanical design and surveying. Construction software CAD systems can be obtained from directly from manufacturers or software specialists, who are likely to offer customised packages and training.

Specific building design software for interior design purposes can also be purchased to create fully rendered virtual 3D mock ups of proposed external and internal building areas.