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In an industry as vast as the UK Construction and Building industry it is difficult to place every product within a specific 'key category'. This sundry section contains a multitude of items such as bells, fixings, flags and building cleaning. Also covered in this section are swimming pools, sports surfaces and sports equipment....more

Sundry Items

Sundry Items Explained

The UK Construction and Building Industry is diverse and spans many sectors that serve and concern the built environment. Consequently many products are required by the construction industry at all stages of a development or refurbishment project to enable its timely and efficient completion. Whether the project is small or large, external or internal, a variety of products will be needed to enable its completion. Maintenance products, such as paints and other protection products, will also be required to ensure the structure or development stays in tip top condition through out its life.

Products which do not readily fit in to any specific key product category can be found under this Sundry Items product category. Typical examples include the ever growing product area for swimming pools which is reasonably large and covers all associated fittings necessary to commission, build and maintain a home swimming pool. Commercial swimming pools and accessories are also catered for along with related products such as spas, saunas and steam rooms. Pool maintenance products are also catered for.

A number of home improvement items and items to create that all important finishing touch, such as mirrors and door bells, can also be found under this sundry section along with other products to enhance your development.

A key area within the sundry items category comprises fixings which are generally multi purpose yet are necessary for all construction products to secure and attach a variety of fittings and finishing materials.

Other materials that transcend product categories include building adhesives, supplied as general usage adhesives and to suit specific applications, such as carpet adhesives, contact adhesives, tile adhesives and repair adhesives. The area of building adhesive products has a slight cross over with the field of construction sealants which encompass a manor of general and job specific sealants suited to internal and external environments. Sealant types include bathroom and kitchen sealants suitable for usage within wet environments and that are resistant to mould growth.

Hybrid sealants developed for specific tasks include fast drying sealants for gutters, window frames and other outdoor applications. Other hybrid sealants include anti bacterial products that can offer protection against MRSA and E.Coli bacteria and are suitable for hospital and kitchen environments. Other specialist sealants may be fire resistant or flame retardant. Popular sealant derivatives include flexible decorators filler that can be used to fill small cracks and other surface imperfections. Once dry, usually in little over an hour, the sealant can be sanded and over painted. Tile adhesives are essential for finishing bathrooms, kitchens and tiles floors.

Addmixtures are available for a variety of different purposes. Example include mortar plasticizers that can be added during cement mixing to increase workability and to provide water and frost resistant finishes.

Another often over looked, but essential product area within the construction industry are consumables. Consumables include abrasives and other basic essentials such as masking tape. Abrasives typically offered include cutting discs and grinding discs for electric grinders along with various grades of sandpaper for manual use.

The product area of door ironmongery is a diverse product area containing many fixtures produced in varying styles and finishes to suit specific applications. As a result many ironmongery items are some what miscellaneous and are listed as under the Sundry Items key category to maximise product coverage. Typical ironmongery products include hinges, for a multitude of door and gate types, locks and door handles that can be sourced from a number of specialist suppliers and manufacturers.

Specialist installations, such as flooring products, which tend to span a large range of usages and instalment environments are also detailed under the Sundry Items category. Flooring substances comprise concrete and more recently epoxy resin. Epoxy resin can be used to manufacture durable floor coverings and screeds in many decorative eye catching colours. Epoxy repairs can be undertaken by specialist contractors or purchased for DIY application.

Industrial sundry items include pallet racking systems that are popular to enable the storage and uninterrupted flow of goods around factories and warehouses. Also known as industrial shelving the expertise of specialists involved in the design, commissioning and construction of bespoke industrial storage systems can be sort. Modular shelving systems can also be specified for industrial and commercial applications.

Other miscellaneous product areas presented under sundry items include pest control, waste management and building cleaning. These market areas contain both product and service elements. Pest control specialists can be called in to eradicate infestations of rats, pigeons, wasps and other vermin. They are also likely to provide products such as bird deterrent spikes and electric fly killers. Waste management companies can offer waste disposal solutions in the form of skips for hire, complete with recycling options for site waste. The product area also covers domestic waste recycling facilities such as undercounter recycling bins and recycling boxes.

Building cleaning specialists may offer either internal cleaning services or may specialise in external building cleaning. Where external cleaning services are offered operatives will have undergone specialist rope access training. Rope access companies will be invaluable for the cleaning and maintenance of high rise industrial and commercial buildings.

Grounds maintenance companies are also listed under this key category and can also undertake the installation of sports pitches and conduct any on going maintenance issues. Some will be able to install astro turf and other synthetic turf products, whilst others will undertake tennis court construction projects. Companies will also tend to specialise in the supply and installation of sports equipment.

Many products are of an artistic nature and do not generally fall in to any single one key product category. Examples include glass products, many of which may be of creative design or sculptured to provide a bespoke centre piece to finish off the construction project. Other examples include recycled timber furniture and bespoke soft furnishings.

Within truly bespoke construction projects it may be necessary to have PVC u products developed to fulfil specific design and build needs, which can be manufactured under contract if required.