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There are manufacturers and suppliers of tools for every job within the building industry. Power tools are generally the most popular with specialist sections listing tools such as drywall tools and air tools....more


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  • One of the UK's leading distributors of interior building products to the construction industry.

  • Supplier of power tools and accessories, hand tools, fixings, fastenings and all ancillary products used by the building and related industries tradesmen.

  • AEG has its own range of innovative power tools with high quality accessories designed to perfectly complement.


Tools Explained

Tools, however small or large they may be, are an essential requirement within the construction industry. Within this category manufacturers and suppliers offer a range of tools from basic hand tools to more complex job specific power tools.

Power Tools represent a large section of the tool market with a tool available to increase the efficiency of virtually any construction job. More expensive power tools may require servicing and original parts which maybe obtainable from the original manufacturer. Key power tool areas include hole making, surface finishing and cutting. Products listed include drills, angle grinders and routers alongside many more, with battery powered cordless options generally readily available. An array of consumable power tool accessories from drill bits to grinding discs can also be sourced. These items are generally cheaper when purchased in bulk.

Surface finishing tools include electric items such as sanders, polishers and buffers accompanied with more traditional manual hand tools such as planes. Cutting tools are an essential product with hand saws in constant demand to replace blunt or damages items. Electric cutting tools commonly purchased include circular saws, reciprocating saws and jigsaws.

Hole forming is a large area within the tools section incorporating consumable items such as drill bits for a variety of materials from masonry through to metal. Heavy duty drill bits will be required for large diameter holes within structural metalwork. The power specifications of construction tools, especially electric drills and angle grinders, will change according to their intended level of usage e.g. light or heavy usage. Power rating will also generally determine the maximum size of drill bit that the tool can drive effectively.

Specialist tools such as air tools, remotely run from air compressors, can be used to provide an electrocution risk free alternative in place of most electric power tools. Air tools available on the market include cutting tools, drills and chisels to name but a few. Specialist tool areas include cartridge operated nail guns and staplers.

Decorating tools are an essential requirement for both internal and external building areas. Items such as rollers and paint brushes of varying quality and price are readily available from builders merchants. More specialist decorating equipment like spray rendering machines and grouting equipment can also be procured. Internal decorating, especially within kitchen and bathroom areas, is likely to involve specific tile cutting tools and drills. Ceramic tile spring bed cutters will enable the straight and accurate cutting of tiles on a budget. Where larger jobs are being undertaken a wet tile saw could prove invaluable. Ceramic and glass drill bits can also be purchased if needed.

It is of the utmost importance that adequate surveying equipment is purchased for establishing initial site levels and maintaining accuracy throughout the construction project. A range of equipment is available from GPS devices through to laser levels.