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Heat Recovery Ventilation Companies in the UK

  • Flakt Woods specialises in the supply of energy-efficient air solutions for the ventilation and air treatment of buildings and air movement solutions for...

  • Founded in 1934 our extensive product range encompasses solutions for damp proofing, timber treatment and repair, floor & masonry surface...

  • Vortice is a European market leader in ventilation, air conditioning, air cleaning and heating systems. In recent years our product development has...

  • Nordair Niche
    Nordair Niche is one of the UK's market leaders in the design & manufacture of standard or bespoke high efficiency combined heating & ventilating systems. Our products are suitable for numerous applications including new builds & refurbishments. We do not install our products but supply them to the trade or specialist distributors, however we do on site training & support for installation teams.
  • Space Airconditioning
    Space Airconditioning was founded in 1980 and is an independent leader in the supply and distribution of air conditioning equipment for all types of applications.
  • Xpelair
    Xpelair deals with environmental issues with tight control requirements and energy efficient solutions with there wide range of heat recovery systems.
  • EnviroVent
    EnviroVent are specialists in providing and installing domestic ventilation systems to improve indoor air quality and to solve condensation problems such as black mould, streaming windows and other poor air quality problems. Our products, for example, include extractor fans, wall and loft mounted ventilation and condensation units and systems that draw moisture-laden air out of the wet rooms.
  • VES Andover Ltd
    VES manufactures a wide range of ventilation products and importantly we have the ability to design and build non-standard equipment to suit customers’ requirements. Our full range of solutions covers air handling units & heat recovery, extract and twin fans, axial fans, roof units, wall & ceiling fans, domestic fans and high temperature & kitchen ventilation as well as controls and acoustics.
  • Rega Ventilation ltd
    Manufacturers of high quality products for both domestic and commercial heat recovery ventilation systems. Offers one of the widest ranges of air handing units and ducts and accessories to suit both flats and houses.
  • The Nuaire Group
    Nuaire is the market leader in the design and manufacture of energy efficient domestic, commercial and renewable ventilation solutions.
  • Reznor UK Limited
    Reznor offer a new generation of recuperative plate heat exchangers and well proven rotary heat exchangers.
  • RHL
    RHL design, manufacture supply advanced bathroom and kitchen fans, humidity controllers and ventilation accessories. We offer a wide range of products and solutions, from a single extractor fan through to a full bespoke service which could include a site survey, new product design, build and installation. We supply and install for Local Authorities, housing associations and private builders.

Where to buy heat recovery ventilation

  • Flakt Woods Ltd - Head Office, Axial Way, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5ZD, 01206 222555
  • Wykamol - Unit 3 Boran Court Network, 65 Business Park, Hapton, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 5TH, 0845 4006666
  • Vortice Limited - Beeches House, Eastern Avenue, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, DE13 0BB, 01283 492949

I have a woodburner with a 6kw output in a room requiring 2kw.

I also have an airsource heat pump for water and underfloor heating throughout the house.

I would like to salvage the excess heat and feed it into the airsource pump to reduce pump running cost and heat the other areas of the house....can anyone suggest an option?

The facetious answer would be to move your wood burner to a room with a higher heat requirement or trade it in for a smaller model :-)

I wouldn't advise attempting to cross connect this with your heat pump. Generally heat pumps are used 24 x 7 to provide a constant flow of small amounts of heat for underfloor heating etc, and generally wood burners are used occasionally to quickly raise the temperature in a room when it is occupied. I can foresee all sorts of potential problems in cross connecting them. I am not saying it can't be done, but I would advise caution.

Tim Ovens - The Renewable Energy Centre


Yes it can be done but not by linking to your heat pump. Your wood burner will need to have a back boiler fitted to it and some don't have this facility. That will allow the stove to provide hot water for use in your house. We have recently designed a house which has a hybrid heating system of heat pump and wood burners. The heat output from both goes to a thermal store, in effect a huge hot water cylinder. Both the domestic hot water and the central heating draw their heat demands from coils in the thermal store.

Alternatively you can install a hot water cylinder with an addtional coil for the wood burners output. Be warned; back boilers are pretty primitive and require old fashioned feed and expansion tanks and a dedicated radiator to take away surplus heat. The controls for these systems can get rather exotic and most UK heating engineers have little experience of hybrid systems. If you can speak good German then contact a German firm as they're commonplace in Germany.


Have just bought 1950s ex council flat in london and discovered it suffers heavy interstitial condensation (identified by a surveyor) in one bedroom particularly. Would a single room HR ventilator be the best solution and which maker is recommended?