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Energy & Co2 Emissions

    • Dwelling Emission Rate

      To limit CO2 emissions arising from the operation of a dwelling and its services in line with current policy on the future direction of regulations.

    • Fabric Energy Efficiency

      To improve fabric energy efficiency performance thus future-proofing reductions in C02 for the life of the dwelling.

    • Energy Display Devices

      To promote the specification of equipment to display energy consumption data, thus empowering dwelling occupants to reduce energy use.

    • Drying Space

      To provide a reduced energy means of drying clothes.

    • Energy Labelled White Goods

      To encourage the provision or purchase of energy efficient white goods, and so reduce the CO2 emissions from appliances in the dwelling.

    • External Lighting

      To encourage the provision of energy efficient external lighting, and reduce associated CO2 emissions.

    • Low or Zero Carbon Technologies

      To limit C02 emissions and running costs arising from the operation of a dwelling and its services by encouraging the specification of low and zero carbon energy sources to supply a significant proportion of energy demand.

    • Cycle Storage

      To encourage the wider use of bicycles as transport by providing adequate and secure cycle storage facilities, thus reducing the need for short car journeys.

    • Home Office

      To reduce the need to commute to work by providing residents with the necessary space and services to be able to work from home.