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Trade Periodicals And News: B

  • Baseline

    A new trade magazine focusing on keeping professional builders up to date with the latest developments in both building materials and construction techniques from Buildbase suppliers and their product range.

  • Bathroom & Kitchen Update is your one-stop shop for business-to-business services, including how to handle advertising, contract publishing, circulation building and database management.

  • Bathroom Journal

    cpc is a source for manufacturers to set out their stall, and the buying public alike, to purchase or browse the latest in bathroom design. It also provides product information for commercial or large scale projects. It covers the latest in contemporary kitchens and furniture as well.

  • BBC Good Homes

    This is the magazine which supports the BBCs popular home and design shows.

  • BBC Homes And Antiques

    This is the site for those wishing to advertise in the BBCs 'Homes and Antiques' magazine.

  • BD Magazine

    bdonline is a newspaper style journal which provides today's architect with a feast of architectural news from around Britain and also has a jobs section.

  • Blinds and Shutters

    turretgroup provides a wealth of information both for and about a range of industries, products and services, in the form of magazines and directories, like 'Blinds and Shutters' and 'Fluid Air'.

  • Blue Book Glass and Window Trade Directory houses several useful publications on glass, conservatories, heating and plumbing, roofing, cladding and insulation, providing you with the essential insider's knowledge in magazines such as 'Conservatory Magazine' and 'Who's Who in Heating and Plumbing'.

  • Blueprint

    A magazine for Architects and Designers with regular news direct from the design world.

  • Bridge Design & Engineering

    bridgewebcom is the site for civil engineers looking for information about bridges, whether it be for recruitment solutions, events, news or equipment. There is a free email newsletter, including the latest news and jobs.

  • British Builder and Developer

    A leading commentator on the construction industry with a focus on quality and quantity of news and feature content. It is aimed at buyers, executives and decision makers throughtout Britain's Property developer marketplace, residential and commercial.

  • BSNews / Irish Building Services News

    This is a website dedicated to building services news in Ireland, and is so useful to the building services community in Ireland in terms of readership and news that it describes itself as 'the voice of the building services industry'.

  • Build It

    Every month the publication talks to its readers and tells their story in its Readers' Homes articles. It also features a monthly Land Update section that includes the latest plots for sale around the country and advice from our planning specialists.

  • Builder & Engineer

    Builder and Engineer Online is an online service with details of all the latest news about the construction industry from all over the UK. It showcases all the latest issues in an easy to read format. News and jobs area available online, but it is possible to subscribe.

  • Builders Merchants Journal

    Builders' Merchants Journal is an online magazine featuring jobs, advertising space, suppliers, events diary and all the latest news. Subscribe to add yourself to their list of suppliers.

  • Builders Merchants News

    Builders' Merchants News is an online publication with all the latest jobs, news, awards and product guides, and best of all, it's free.

  • Building

    Building is a weekly magazine featuring all the news from the cuttine edge of architecture and also offering comment and analysis.

  • Building and Facilities Management

    A public sector Building & Facilities Magazine.

  • Building Control

    RICS's website offers a glimpse of the bigger picture on issues such as the housing market, with news, reports and surveys on the latest issues. There is also a course guide.

  • Building Design

    BD is 'The Architect's Website', and is a weekly magazine with a homely feel, including blogs, the BD lecture series, the BD world architecture 100 plus architectural competitions.

  • Building Engineer

    abe stands for the Association of Building Engineers. Their website offers consultation, seminars and workshops, as well as publications such as 'The Building Engineer Journal', 'Quality Management Series', 'Building Engineer International' and 'Churches Through Time'.

  • Building News

    Building News' is the trade's tabloid monthly paper, giving a mixture of news and product details, with a wide readership.

  • Building Products

    This website includes a search database, so that you can source materials quickly, and is also a news magazine monthly, featuring a product of the month.

  • Building Services and Environmental Engineer

    This is the journal for the Building Services and Environmental Engineer, offering a range of news, case studies and details about legislation, methods and practices. There is also a related training website link.

  • Building Services Engineering Research & Technology

    This is a databse of journals and publications from all over the world, covering a range of topics, including business and management.

  • Building Services Journal

    This is a link to 'The Building Services Journal' - the magazine of CIBSE. It features jobs, events and awards, plus all the latest news.

  • Building Services Opus

    This is a site associated with 'The Building Services Journal', and is a free search engine for detailed product searches and suppliers' information.

  • Building Today

  • Built Environment

    The Alexandrine Press is the publisher of 'Built Environment', an exciting magazine featuring expert writing on a range of subjects, including urban planning and the environment.