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Air Conditioning Contractors

There are over 1000 air conditioning contractors across the UK but the work they do can vary greatly. Small contractors will deal with individual offices, portable solutions or small buildings whether commercial or residential. Larger contractors will provide design, planning, supply and installation of complex systems for industrial and commercial applications.

Asbestos Contractors

Asbestos was typically used in buildings until the 1980s as a fireproofing and insulating material. Any building constructed before 2000 could contain asbestos. It is now law that any asbestos has to be removed by a professional contractor who is licensed by the Health and Safety Executive. There are regulations about air exposure limits and time working in and around asbestos so it is important to consult a contractor if asbestos is identified in a building.

Cladding Contractors

Cladding can be installed on roofs and walls to help protect a building from the elements and help with insulation. Contractors for cladding can work with new building installations, repair, refurbish and maintain existing cladding. The type of cladding used varies on the application, function and exterior design of a building. Architects use cladding to create facade features and impressive looks while factory or industrial units are looking for functionality and durability.

Construction Contractors

Generally these contractors are used for large build projects and complicated structures. The UK is home to over 2000 of these large contractors with recognisable names such as Galiford Try, Thomas Vale, Alfred McAlpine and Balfour Beatty. The smaller construction contractors can be sourced for smaller commercial projects.

Demolition Contractors

As the name suggests demolition contractors are used for a variety of projects ranging from complex whole building demolition to the dismantling of walls and small buildings. However they are also used for excavation projects and groundwork, environmental and waste management and consultancy.

General Builders

Builders can be subcontracted for larger projects but mostly offer building services to small construction developments, self build projects and extensions. Groundwork, brickwork and structural installations are typical areas of work for general builders to undertake.

General Maintenance Contractors

In order to keep the running of a building at optimum levels many companies employ general maintenance contractors. They are responsible for heating and plumbing repairs and replacements, air conditioning, fire and intruder systems, decorating, external wall and roof maintenance, landscaping, glazing and utilities.

Glazing Contractors

Falling into two main categories is the domestic glazing company and the commercial. Some companies do offer services in both areas and work can range from a simple double glazing installation to fully glazed facades.

Groundwork Contractors

Ground work can involve a variety of projects which include; general landscaping, foundations, excavation, subsidence, drainage and site clearance. Larger projects could include motorway and road embankment management and earth distribution.

Heating Contractors

For all boiler systems and internal heating solutions whether domestic or commercial, a heating contractor is usually needed. In order to install and connect a boiler to gas the contractor must now be Corgi registered. Other systems such as LPG, Electricity and Oil can also be installed by a heating installer. Newer heating methods such as solar heating, biomass boilers and wood burning stoves are now also being offered by heating contractors.


With nearly a thousand major housebuilders across the UK many have been hit by the economic climate over the last few years. Many of these companies build homes on huge developments providing the UK with much needed housing stock. Companies such as Persimmon, Taylor Wimpey, Barratt and many more are still looking to provide excellent new homes for all types of buyer from the first timer to larger families needing 5-6 bedroom homes.

Insulation Contractors

There are many situations where professional insulation contractors are needed in addition to installing loft and cavity wall insulation. Other insulation applications can include marine insulation, pipework and lagging, industrial thermal insulation, chemical insulation and hot and cold insulation. Many of these solutions require professional installation as they are in commercial or large scale situations.

Landscape Contractor

Landscaping requirements start with the home garden and lead to large parks and gardens. Business retail units, schools, hospitals and local authorities all need to use landscape contractors to maintain all the green areas in and around buildings. Many contractors are dedicated to ensuring the enhancement of the environment while protecting it in terms of climate change and sustainability.

Paving & Driveway Contractors

To ensure the best kerb appeal to any home, business or public area it is best to employ a specialist paving contractor. Most companies will excavate, prepare and lay the area with additional design and consultancy services alongside the supply of materials.

Piling Contractors

In order to ensure ground stabilisation and support, help create foundations or carry out works below ground level, piling solutions are often used. This is a highly specialised area of construction which involves precision boring to specific depths for structural steel and reinforcement. Types of piling include: top and bottom driven, auger, sheet, mini piling alongside underpinning and ground anchors.

Roofing Services

Whether for commercial premises or private residential, it is necessary to engage a roofing contractor for any maintenance, repair, refurbishment or full replacement. With so many installers available both locally and nationally there are two good accreditations to look out for; Trustmark and Competent Roofer and also check whether they are a member of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC).

Scaffolding Contractors

Where external works are needed on a building, scaffolding is often required. Due to working at height regulations and health and safety standards, erecting scaffolding requires professional contractors. The National Association for Scaffolding Contractors (NASC) has very stringent policies ensuring all equipment and regulations are upheld by their members. Due to the complexity of some structures contractors will offer design and consultancy with regard to the way in which the scaffolding will be installed in relation to the construction work which needs to be completed.

Shop Fitting Contractors

The retail sector is continually shifting and changing with stores relocating or taking new premises. In order to successfully plan the layout of the store and implement the shelving and display units needed contractors are hired. Many spaces require bespoke units and contractors can also offer manufacturing and satisfy highly specific requirements. Shop fitting does not only apply to retail but the catering industry such as hotels and restaurants.

Steelwork Contractors

Steel is an essential structural element to any building and offers load bearing and stability support whether for 50 storeys or just one. It is also used in the transport, infrastructure, education and health industries. Steelwork contractors can design, manufacture, supply and erect steel providing end to end solutions for clients.

Tiling Contractors

Tiling can be required both internally and externally and with advances in product technology and the diversity of design, the fitting of tiles can be a highly skilled craft. Tiling requires precision, exacting alignment and careful planning. For any projects where tiles are designed to act as a feature for a space or room, the skill of a professional contractor is recommended.