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Catering Equipment Overview

Commercial catering equipment covers all aspects of the commercial catering arena from the physical equipment to installations, extraction systems and kitchen maintenance and kitchen hygiene services....more

Catering Equipment

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  • Garners specialise in commercial kitchen design, supply, project management & installation. Products & services include storage, racking,...

  • Court Catering Equipment Ltd are one of London's leading suppliers and installers of catering equipment.

  • Corsair Manufacturing Ltd produce a wide range of stainless steel commercial catering equipment. The company designs, manufactures and provides after sales...



A huge range of appliances are available from most commercial catering equipment suppliers. These would include items such as boiling tops, grills, griddles, salamander grills, and deep fat fryers. Whilst most commercial kitchens will have large industrial cookers, convection steamers are now also available which are both multifunctional and help to significantly reduce cooking times. Hot cupboards provide a simple way to maintain cooked food at temperature for longer periods of time.

Display Equipment

Ambient display cabinets are typically used for cold food like cakes and sandwiches to provide a hygienic, fly proof environment. Hot food display cabinets perform a similar function whilst maintaining food at a safe and appetising temperature.

Where food is served in a hot buffet scenario, chafing dishes and bin marie equipment are standard, whereby hot water below the metal food dish is heated either by naked flames or with an electric heating element. Soup kettles employ a similar principle.

Refrigerated display cabinets are available in numerous configurations.

Beverage Equipment

Barware, coffee machines, juicers, drinks mixers and water dispensers all fit within the industry category of beverages. Office water coolers have been one of the largest growth areas in recent years whereby the provision of chilled water for office staff is now seen as standard by any respected employer.

Food Preparation

Stainless steel tables and food preparation counters will usually be purpose made in order to custom fit a particular kitchen environment. Stainless steel industrial mixers, cutters and vegetable slicers are all available from many manufacturers within the commercial catering equipment market.


Commercial dishwashers currently come in various guises such as pass-through dishwashers and under-counter dishwashers. Specialist utensil washers and glass washers are also available.


Crockery and cutlery form the core of the tableware sector and there are also a multitude of sundry items such as teapots, jugs and condiment sets etc.

Miscellaneous items

The commercial catering industry has many diverse products designed to both improve hygiene and often bring cost efficiencies. Tray clearing conveyor systems or plate warming appliances are a good example of a products where the demand, in areas such as motorway services, has led to the evolution of such products.